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Sticky tape on steroids

No More Nails tape: Exactly what it says it is

Put away the drill, hammer and screws – with No More Nails double sided tape, you won’t need to do any complex or messy DIY to hang objects on your walls.


No More Nails double sided tape is literally what its name suggests – a tape with an adhesive layer on both sides that enables you to hang and mount objects that you would otherwise need nails for. It can either be thin (e.g. paper-based) or thick (e.g. foam-based) and use an acrylic, rubber or modified adhesive to give it extra strong bonding power.

Because it is installed ‘in-between’ to form an invisible bond, rather than ‘on top of’ like regular single-sided tape, No More Nails tape is ideal for completing a neat and professional-looking mounting project. And because it’s often waterproof, it can be used to hang things outdoors as well as indoors.


As the entire purpose of a good double sided tape is to end the need to drill holes in your walls, you want to get the strongest product. Unibond No More Nails On A Roll can grip and support up to 120kg per roll, making it the perfect candidate.

With that amount of strength, this UniBond double sided tape can even hold heavier items like paintings and mirrors on porous and non-porous surfaces. You can say goodbye to holes in the wall outdoors as well as indoors, as Unibond No More Nails On A Roll is waterproof and can be used on materials such as wood, tiles, metal, brick, stone, plaster and most plastics.

How to use No More Nails tape

  1. Clean. To achieve the best results with No More Nails double sided tape, clean the surfaces/walls you are bonding with methylated spirit to ensure they are free of dust, dirt and grease, then wipe dry.
  2. Cut. Cut vertical strips of No More Nails double sided tape that match the height of the item you are hanging or mounting, and stick them to its rear surface at intervals of 15 to 30 centimetres (depending how heavy the item is), pressing down firmly.
  3. Apply. Having marked where the item is going to be hung or mounted with a spirit level and a pencil, remove the red liner from the tape, lift and hold the item to the markings and press it firmly to the surface/wall for a few seconds.
  4. Wait. Read the product’s instructions to discover when maximum bond strength is reached. This is usually 24 to 48 hours. Within that time, heavier items may need to be supported.

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