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Pretty as a picture

Picture perfect:
How to hang pictures without nails

Knowing how to hang pictures without nails is an invaluable DIY skill. By using the right adhesive tape, you can save yourself the hassle and mess of drilling, and avoid damaging your walls with ugly holes. Our guide will show you how to stick pictures on the wall without ruining the paint, giving you picture perfect results.


There’s nothing like a framed family photo or painting to make a house feel more like a home. But the thought of getting out a hammer and nails and making a mess of the walls can be off-putting. Is it worth the bother?

Luckily, there’s an alternative to the hassle that comes with using nails. With the right product, you can keep your walls in pristine condition and display pictures with pride.


So, what’s the best way to hang pictures without damaging the wall? We recommend using a special sticky tape applied to the wall, which sticks to the back of the frame or picture. It’s quick, easy, and, unlike nails, won’t cause permanent damage to the wall. Tape is especially handy for homeowners who like to move things around and redecorate every now and then. As much as you like a picture in a particular position when you first put it up, you may well change your mind.

The UniBond No More Nails range is perfect for any homeowner who wants to hang pictures without the hassle. The product you choose depends on the weight of the picture or frame, and how permanent the bond needs to be.


If you’re hanging frames without nails and need to be able to remove the picture easily, try UniBond No More Nails Strips. This double-sided sticky tape can cope with weights of up to 2kg, so it’s ideal for small pictures. The strips are also removable, which means they’re perfect for temporary displays such as pictures or posters in your child’s bedroom. And they’re not just for pictures – they can also be used to mount small shelves or mirrors.


For a more permanent solution you need UniBond No More Nails On a Roll, a super strength roll of tape that holds up to 120kg. The tape bonds instantly and is so simple to use – a much better alternative to getting out the toolbox. You can use it to hang pictures, frames, mirrors, coat hooks, and so much more. It’s suitable for outdoor use too. Sometimes nails just aren’t necessary, and a simple roll of tape will do the trick.

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