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Masonry glue: The new mortar

Masonry glue:
Super-strength adhesive for your home

If you’re looking for a new all-purpose adhesive, look no further than masonry glue. Also known as construction adhesive, masonry glue is a super strong, easy-to-use adhesive which is also surprisingly versatile. Forget about mortar – masonry glue is the future!


Mortar, a dense paste created by mixing cement with water and sand, is a traditional construction material. It’s undeniably effective when it comes to bonding and building with materials such as stone and brick. It’s also rather messy and time-consuming.

If you need to carry out some quick repair work around the house, masonry adhesive is the best alternative. You can use it for all kinds of jobs, like fixing a veneer or sticking a single stone or brick back in place. Mortar might be preferable for bigger projects, like building from scratch or working with a material that needs to be able to withstand heavy weights, but masonry glue is great for a quick fix. You don’t need to bother with the hassle of mixing or cleaning up afterwards.

Masonry glue simplifies the process enormously – grab your caulking gun and you’re ready to go!  


To apply masonry glue or construction adhesive, follow these steps:

  1. Clean the surfaces. They should be completely dry and free from any dirt or dust.
  2. Get the caulking gun ready. Insert the masonry adhesive cartridge into the gun and cut the applicator tip. A smaller hole will give you greater control and precision.
  3. Apply the adhesive. Maintain an even pressure and apply the adhesive in a steady, continuous flow.
  4. Press the surfaces together and add extra weight if necessary.
  5. Wait for the adhesive to cure. Keep in mind that even if the adhesive seems dry, that doesn’t mean it’s fully cured. Check the product instruction for the cure time.
  6. Clean up. You can remove uncured glue with a cloth soaked in acetone. If the adhesive has already cured, scrape it off with a utility knife.


When you buy a masonry glue or masonry construction adhesive, check that it’s compatible with the materials you need to bond. You should also make sure that it’s suitable for outdoor use, if necessary, as some adhesives are better for indoor projects.

UniBond’s One For All adhesives are designed with a special technology making them resistant to shocks and extreme temperatures. They’re exceptionally strong and durable, but also versatile – use them with virtually any material. While they are ideal as masonry adhesives, they can also be used for a number of other DIY projects.

With UniBond One For All, you can tackle any challenge.

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