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A touch of class


Are you ready to refresh your skirting boards? In this guide, we’ll show you how to install and repair skirting boards to upgrade your walls and floors like a pro.


In this guide, we’ll show you how to install skirting boards to cover the gaps between your walls and your floors and add a touch of class to your rooms. The first step is installing skirting boards is to work out which style you like. It’s worth taking some time to consider if you want regal, decorative pieces or muted and minimalistic ones. If you’re repairing skirting boards, then make sure to find pieces that match the current design.


Before you start installing skirting boards you need to work out how much you need to buy. Whether it’s for a repair or renovation project, make sure to measure the areas where you will fit the skirting boards properly. Buy more than you need. This way you can ensure that each piece fits the wall you need it for and the extra material will account for the miter cuts you need to make for the outer corners.

Get ready to install skirting board. Before fixing the skirting board to the wall, make sure the area is completely free of dust or dirt. If you’re making a repair, then get rid of all of the old material. To do so, use a knife or another sharp tool to gently pry the old skirting board away from the wall and cut it off cleanly, before scraping away any leftover bits.

Measure and cut your skirting board pieces. Position the pieces of skirting board along the wall/s where you want to install them. Then, mark the corners using a pencil.

Once you’ve marked all of the pieces, you’re ready to cut them with a miter saw. Remember to put your goggles on before you start sawing. Once you’ve cut the pieces, check to see if the edges match up. You can always go back to the saw to make adjustments. Once you’re happy with the lengths and the corners, you’re ready to install the skirting boards.

Fit skirting boards to the wall. To do this, simply apply your chosen wood glue and press the skirting board pieces firmly into position. For more on the process watch the helpful video below.

Smooth sharp edges with sandpaper.

Seal up your skirting boards. Using a caulking gun, apply a line of sealant to the top and bottom of your skirting boards.


Unibond’s No More Nails Original is the perfect adhesive for fitting skirting boards. Whether you’re repairing or renovating, this high strength wood glue is so strong it eliminates the need for nails and screws. It can be used on all of your interior walls, and, because the glue sets immediately, there is no need to hold the skirting boards in position while it dries.

Finally, seal the deal with Unibond Perfect Finish Indoor Universal Sealant. This high-strength silicone sealant is mould resistant and suitable for use inside and outside and for many different types of materials. Applying a line of this sealant above and below your skirting boards will keep them looking fresher for longer.

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