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Another brick in the wall

Brick adhesive
for wall to wall success

The right brick adhesive will ensure your brickwork stays strong. After all, bricks are the main component of load-bearing walls. Read on to discover how to apply the right adhesive to construct attractive, structurally sound walls.


You will need the most reliable and easy-to-use adhesive glue for bricks, regardless of the finer details of the DIY project. Brick adhesive delivers the best results as it quickly and effortlessly gives your brickwork and landscaping the best finish possible. It also keeps your paving slabs and walls strong and makes sure your constructions are built to last.


Follow these instructions to make your next brickwork project a doddle. Remember to wear gloves when working with strong glues such as brick adhesive.

  1. Check the product instructions. Some adhesives work better in certain temperatures and weather conditions.
  2. Prepare the materials and surfaces. Measure and cut to fit the materials you wish to bond and make sure all surfaces are clean and dry.
  3. Apply the adhesive. The nozzle for your brick adhesive can be cut to deliver various shapes and sizes of bead. The desired size will vary based on each project. When applying, ensure the glue comes out in a continuous bead onto the surface you want to bond. Apply the brick adhesive so you have time to reposition your bonding surfaces before the adhesive sets.
  4. Clamp or secure the surfaces. Keep them pressed firmly together until the brick adhesive has set.
  5. Clean up. Immediately wash tools and clean up any leftover adhesive using warm water and soap or white spirit. Cured adhesive can be scraped off using UniBond’s Smoother and Cutter Tool or a sharp knife. 


The most important thing to consider when choosing a brick adhesive is whether or not your bricks will be exposed to harsh weather conditions and temperatures. Also take into consideration if the brick adhesive is needed for landscaping projects.

If your brickwork is going to be exposed to the elements, you need to use an exterior brick adhesive that will give you long-lasting results regardless of weather conditions. UniBond No More Nails Waterproof, for instance, bonds in both wet and dry conditions.

UniBond All For One Universal is another product you can bond to a variety of surfaces both indoors and outdoors. For more a more challenging job, you need a brick adhesive with a stronger formula such as UniBond’s All For One Super Grab, which bonds surfaces even when they are under considerable strain.

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