Work wonders with wood epoxy

Epoxy resin for wood: How to achieve professional results

Epoxy resin for wood is one of the most useful products to have at your disposal, as this powerful glue can be used on any wooden surface. Discover how to do quick repairs with wood epoxy, and find out which product is the best epoxy for wood.

Epoxy resin for wood: Strong and durable bonding

Epoxy glue for wood is valued by DIYers and professionals alike for its exceptional strength and long-lasting adhesion. It creates durable, waterproof seals that can easily be cleaned, sanded and drilled. These qualities make it ideal for use on wooden furniture. Simply apply the wood epoxy, wait for it to set, and then add some finishing touches for professional results.

Some epoxies are transparent, while others dry with a yellow colour. If you want it to match the colour of your wood, just add a wood stain or dye.

How to use wood epoxy

Follow these simple steps to successfully apply woodworking epoxy.

  1. Prepare the surfaces. Make sure that they’re clean and dry.
  2. Get the syringe ready. Cut the tips, then tilt the syringe up and depress the plunger to push out the air bubbles.
  3. Dispense the resin and hardener. Use a clean, disposable container like a paper cup.
  4. Mix. For best results, mix thoroughly for about a minute.
  5. Apply the wood epoxy. Spread the epoxy in a thin, even layer on both surfaces and press them together.
  6. Remove any excess epoxy. It’s best to remove it quickly while it’s still wet, using a cloth and methylated spirit. Once it’s cured, you can scrape it off with a knife.

When using an epoxy you should work outside or in a well-ventilated room.

What’s the best epoxy for wood?

Look for epoxies especially designed for woodworking. UniBond Epoxy Repair: Wood is a strong, durable epoxy that sets in just five minutes. It’s ideal for making quick fixes around the house – a cracked shelf, mantelpiece or any wooden furniture that needs to be stuck back together. This epoxy is waterproof and dries transparent. Once it’s set, you can sand, drill or paint it for smoother, more professional results.

Some epoxies can even be used with a variety of materials. UniBond All Purpose 1 Minute Epoxy and UniBond All Purpose 5 Minute Epoxy are suitable for bonding and repairing wood, as well as ceramics, metal, glass, and many other materials. These epoxies are easy to use and especially convenient if you need to get a job done quickly, as they come with instant mix syringes.

UniBond Epoxy Repair: Wood
UniBond All Purpose 1 Minute Epoxy
UniBond All Purpose 5 Minute Epoxy

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