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Avoid the draught

How to seal
a door frame

If you’re feeling air coming from a door that’s fully shut and has draught excluders and seals, it may well be that the door frame itself isn’t airtight and needs sealing properly. Here’s how to seal a door frame.

Door sealing: Why it’s essential

A small gap in your door frame – especially one that’s not necessarily visible to the eye – may not seem like a problem at first, but over time it can have a big impact. During the cold months in particular, a draught, however small, will force your home’s central heating to work harder and drive up your energy bills.

If the air isn’t slipping through between the door and the draft seal around it or the draught excluder, then examining the seal around the door frame is likely to reveal it to be compromised and in need of replacing. Fortunately, this is a quick and easy job you can complete yourself with the right know-how.

Sealing exterior door frame: How to do it

  1. Clean. In order to create the best possible seal, you’ll have to first ensure that the area being sealed is free of old sealant. It also needs to be clean and dry. After removing the old sealant, use a cloth moistened with white spirit to remove any remaining dirt and accumulated grease. Allow to dry.
  2. Prepare. Cut the tip off the sealant cartridge’s dispenser nozzle at a 45-degree angle so that the aperture matches the width of the joint. Don’t worry if you cut it too small at first – you can always make the aperture larger (but not vice versa). Insert the cartridge into a sealing gun.
  3. Seal. Place the tip of the dispenser nozzle at one end of the joint you are sealing and gently but firmly squeeze the gun’s trigger, working along the joint in a steady, continuous motion.
  4. Finish. As soon as the sealant is applied, use UniBond’s Sealant Finishing Tool to compact and smooth it into the joint and achieve the best finish. Leave the sealant to dry as per the product’s instructions.

Choosing the best exterior door sealant

Given the amount of high movement that can occur around an exterior door frame, a seal that offers a high degree of flexibility is essential. UniBond Window and Door Frame Sealant is a highly durable sealant that provides a permanently flexible perimeter seal.

Offering superb adhesion to wood, UPVC, polycarbonate and metal, it is perfect for draught-proofing all types of door frame and insulating your home. You can use it without worry too, as UniBond Window and Door Frame Sealant will not stain sensitive surfaces, such as natural stone and marble, and comes with a 25-year guarantee.

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