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Seal it right, seal it tight!

Good to know: The best sealants

Easy to use and powerful, sealants can be used for a wide variety of fixes around the home. From window frames, to skirting boards, or even in the bathroom. Sealants can take on most jobs. Read our guide and learn the basics on sealants so you can start fixing today!


Silicone sealant is an adhesive sealant that is highly versatile, extremely weather resistant, and long-lasting, making it the most widely used sealant in the world. There are a number of different specialised formulas that cater to the different parts of a building. Silicone is safe to use both inside and outside of a home, and will give you a grip that’s built to last.

Silicone has a thick gel-like consistency and needs to be applied with a cartridge gun. Some varieties offer silicone in a one-use cartridge with applicator these are suitable for smaller jobs. If you have a bigger space to seal, it’s recommended to use a larger tube and a cartridge gun.

Silicone sealants are not fast-acting super glues, they need time to dry properly. For many silicone sealants, this can take up to 24-hours, even several days when applying a heavier coat. Always check the instructions for the recommended drying times. 

What are common uses for silicone sealant?

Silicone sealants are mostly used for DIY jobs in the bathroom and kitchen. Its waterproof properties make it perfect for sealing around sinks, kitchens, toilets, bathtubs and showers. It’s also the go-to sealant for plumbers for fixing pipes and water lines.

Silicone sealant acts as a bond for many materials like ceramic, plastic, metal, wood, and glass.

While silicone sealant is not designed to hold heavy weight bearing items, it does still provide adhesion for construction work, and sealing off buildings. You can easily reduce your electric bill by giving your windows and doors an airtight seal.

The uses for silicone are endless! It’s weather resistant properties and compatibility even make it suitable to use on automobiles and other electrical devices!  

How to choose the best silicone sealant

Since silicone caulks are versatile and can be used for many different applications. The trick is figuring out which one is best for the job.

A perfect all-purpose sealant that will handle most of your sealing needs in and around the house is UniBound Universal Sealant. Its formula is based on advanced technology, giving it the power to seal multiple surfaces both in and out of the home.  

If you’re pressed for time and need a quick fix on your bathroom sealants, check out this video which demonstrates how quick and easy it is to make a repair using UniBond Sealant RE-NEW.

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If you have more time, and want to do a more thorough job on your bathroom sealants, UniBond offers a number of sanitary silicone sealants for all kinds of different tasks. For the all-star bathroom anti-mould sealant, go for the UniBond Triple Protection Anti Mould Sealant.

If you’re looking for a strong outdoor all-purpose sealant, look no further than UniBond Extreme Repair Sealant. This gem of a product uses patented FLEXTEC technology to act as a sealant, filler, and adhesive all in one. It’s truly a one-stop wonder product for heavy duty outside jobs.

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