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Banish drafts for good

How to seal windows

Sealing windows properly can make all the difference, it can protect your home from chilly drafts, extreme temperatures, water and more. Find out everything you need to know about sealing windows in this guide.  

Sealing windows: How to get started

Sealing windows is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce your heating bills and protect your home from damp. Get started with our handy guide.

Sealing windows from the inside and out

The first thing you need is the right sealant. You should look for a sealant that provides a flexible, long-lasting seal and that fits the job you need it for.

There are several silicone sealants that can be used inside, such as UniBond’s Perfect Finish Universal sealant which bonds multiple different materials and UniBond’s Perfect Finish Window & Door Frame, which is paintable within one hour! If you need to seal windows on the outside, look for UniBond’s Weather Guard Outdoor Window and Door Frame sealant, which provides a permanent but flexible perimeter seals for exterior window and door frames.


Window seals can get damaged, letting drafts and moisture into your otherwise cosy home. Here’s how to fix up those window seals from the inside in no time.

First remove the old sealant with UniBond’s Silicone Sealant Remover. Then scrape away any remaining sealant and wipe down all surfaces with a cloth before applying new sealant.

Once the surfaces are clean and dry, apply the new sealant. Simply put UniBond’s Perfect Finish Window & Door Frame sealant into a standard cartridge gun, open it with UniBond’s Smoother and Cutter Tool and then run it along the seams with an even pressure. Smooth out the sealant with the smoother and cutter tool, or a cloth.

Leave the sealant to dry 12 hours and your window seals will be good and new.

Repairing window trims

Every now and again the trim around your windows gets damaged. Fixing this is easy too, all you need is a flexible sealant that can be used outside such as UniBond’s Weather Guard Outdoor Window and Door Frame silicone sealant. Simply load into a cartridge gun and start sealing.  

How to repair window sills and frames

Repairing your window sills and frames is a job for a flexible and durable sealant like UniBond’s Weather Guard Outdoor Window and Door Frame. This weatherproof silicone sealant provides permanent yet flexible seals to fill any gaps or cracks and can be used on wooden, plastic (uPVC) or metal window sills and frames.

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