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Black sealant of the family

Black sealant: A quick solution for long term protection

Worried about a leaky roof? Door frames letting the damp in? Black sealant is the solution! Find out how to use this strong, flexible sealant to protect your house from top to bottom.

When to use black silicone sealant

Sealants come in various forms and colours, but black silicone sealant is a always popular choice. It’s extremely strong, able to withstand harsh weather and provide total protection both indoors and outdoors. Here are some of the most common uses for black sealant:

  • roofs – fill in gaps and prevent leaks
  • gutters – weatherproof and repair gutter joints
  • window and door frames – keep out dust, air and moisture

Most black sealants are versatile and can be used on virtually any building material, from brick to steel. However, you should always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using the product, to check that it’s compatible with all the surfaces you need to bond.

How to use black sealant

Here’s how to get the best results with black silicone sealant.

  1. Prepare surfaces. If necessary, remove old sealant first by cutting it off with a knife, or using UniBond Silicone Sealant Remover. The surfaces should be completely clean and dry before you apply new black sealant.
  2. Prepare the sealing gun. Insert the cartridge into the gun and cut near the tip of the nozzle. A smaller bead size gives you more control over the flow. Test on some scrap material first.
  3. Apply the sealant. Maintaining a steady pressure, apply the sealant evenly, starting from the corner.
  4. Smooth the sealant. Even if the seam isn’t visible, don’t skip this important step. Smoothing the sealant with a tool like UniBond Smoother & Remover results in better adhesion.
  5. Clean up. Remove excess sealant with white spirit. Once it’s dried, you can carefully scrape it off with a utility knife.

The right black sealant: Indoors and outdoors

Different sealants have different properties, so think about what materials you’re working with (and whether you’re working indoors or outdoors) before you pick you out a product.

A strong black exterior sealant is the best option for outdoor repairs. If you need a black sealant for roof and gutter repair, use the specially formulated UniBond Roof & Gutter Sealant. This creates durable, flexible seals for all kinds of roofs, pipes and guttering. Other UniBond Outdoor Sealants protect houses from water damage and harsh weather conditions just as well – they just come in different colours.

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