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Keep countertops tip-top

Countertop sealant:
Long-lasting perfection

Our kitchen countertops and their joints are exposed to spillages, moisture and condensation almost everyday. Protect them with the best countertop sealants.

Countertop sealant: What is it?

As aesthetically pleasing and super high-tech as our modern-day kitchens are, the countertop remains the unsung hero. It’s the workhorse where most of the action takes place, from making a daily cup of coffee to preparing packed lunches and cooking for a dinner party.

Over the course of its lifetime, the kitchen countertop is going to face a lot of condensation, moisture and liquids. Which is why it’s so important that there’s a strong bond between it and the materials set against and within it. Countertop sealant, sometimes called countertop caulk, does precisely that, forming a waterproof seal in the joints between the countertop and backsplashes, sinks, stovetops and more.


  1. While all silicone-based countertop sealants are waterproof, the best sealants for kitchen counters are also mould-proof. UniBond Speed Seal Sealant is specially formulated to create a long-lasting, hygienic, waterproof and mould resistant seal in humid, warm environments like the kitchen. UniBond’s fastest sealant yet, it can be exposed to indirect water contact in just one hour, getting your countertop back in use quickly.
  2. Offering the peace of mind of a 35-year guarantee, UniBond Triple Protection is a flexible, mould repelling and waterproof sealant that forms an extra strong barrier, keeping your countertop totally protected. The hero of UniBond’s sanitary sealant range, it was rated best in class for anti-mould protection by the Fresenius Institute, one of Europe’s most respected providers of non-medical laboratory analysis.

How to use countertop sealant

  1. Clean. Whether you’re sealing a sink to countertop or sealing around granite countertops, you’ll want to achieve the strongest seal possible. Clean any dust and dirt away from the area you’re working in and ensure it is dry before proceeding.
  2. Tape. To create a neat and aesthetically pleasing bead of countertop sealant, apply masking tape to both sides of the joint you are about to seal.
  3. Prepare. Using Unibond’s 2-in-1 Smoother & Cutter tool, cut an aperture matching the width of the joint off the tip of your sealant’s cartridge at a 45-degree angle, Better it’s too small at first – you can always cut it bigger. Load the cartridge into a caulking gun.
  4. Seal. Starting from one end of the joint, hold the caulking gun at a 30-degree angle, gently press the trigger and apply the countertop sealant, moving steadily along the joint until you’ve reached the opposite end.
  5. Smooth. For a perfect finish, run UniBond’s 2-in-1 Smoother & Cutter tool over the freshly-applied sealant to press it into the joint and smooth it. Scrape off any excess sealant from the tool as you work your way along.
  6. Finish. Peel off the tape surrounding the joint and follow the drying time instructions on the countertop sealant cartridge.

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