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Saving Nemo

Shore up your fish tank with aquarium sealant

Every now and then fish tanks or aquariums start to leak. But with aquarium sealant and our guide, your fish tank will look as good as new. Read on to find out how to fix the leak.

Why should I use aquarium fish tank sealant?

If the seals around your fish tank have started to leak water, you need to act fast. With the pressure of the water, entire seams can start to give way and flood your surfaces in no time.

The good news is that resealing your fish tank is easier than you might think. The first step is to choose the right aquarium sealant for the job, especially if your go-to sealant isn’t fish or aquarium safe.

How to choose an aquarium safe silicone sealant:

  • look for sealants compatible with both saltwater and freshwater. 
  • look for silicone formulas which can withstand water pressure.
  • look for non-toxic formulas that are safe for fish.

How to apply aquarium sealant

Before you drain the tank and start applying your aquarium sealant, check all of the aquarium seams. This way you can make sure to fix all faulty seams in one go.

  1. Drain the water so the water level is below the seal you need to fix. Be aware that if you need to repair more than one seal you might have to take out your fish and drain the tank completely. 
  2. Remove the damaged sealant using a razor or sharp knife. Take care not to pull too much sealant away and do not drop silicone residue, especially if you choose to leave your fish in the tank.
  3. Clean the area you want to reseal from old residue. For best results use acetone. 
  4. Apply your aquarium fish tank sealant into the seams along the joining pieces of glass. Start by applying it inside the tank and fill all of the gaps in the sealant. 
  5. Apply more aquarium sealant to the seams on the outside of the tank, again making sure to fill in all of the gaps. 
  6. Wait for the sealant to dry. Once the aquarium fish tank sealant is completely dry slowly fill up the tank, checking the seams in the process. If all the seams hold you can put your fish back in.

Which aquarium safe sealant is the right for the job?

A great aquarium safe sealant is Unibond Trade’s Aquarium Sealant, which consists of a special aquarium grade silicone. This formula cures quickly, can withstand constant immersion in water and is resistant to both sea water and salt mist, making it perfect for fish tank repairs.

This aquarium sealant is perfect for smaller to medium sized aquariums. If you own a bigger tank, or if the glass in your aquarium is cracked, you might need a stronger adhesive. In this case we recommend talking to a professional.

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