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High moisture season is coming: tips to control moisture at home

Control moisture at home in high moisture season

People often tend to describe winter air as being “dry” and “bitter”, while summer feels more “heavy” and “sticky”. These sentiments are related to the air due to different amounts of moisture present. Nevertheless, winter is the time when most often bad consequences from excess moisture at home appear. Having the right moisture level in your home will make it much more pleasant for you and your family. Here are three tips on how to have the best possible moisture control in your house.

1. Increase ventilation

Problems with excess moisture during winter are more severe in cold climates since houses are tightened up to reduce heat loss. Increasing the ventilation with a heating fan or blowing air conditioner may help. Ventilate your house for approximately 5-10 minutes in the morning and in the evening to replace humid air with cold, dry outside air.

2. Pay attention to the storage of products

In case of too high moisture, above the optimum relative moisture range of 50 to 60%, threats of having mould inside the house can increase. In order to have mould control, think twice when storing your camping gear, umbrella or raincoat. Mould can grow within two days given the right conditions; so try to avoid drying your items in the rooms to avoid smell and moisture, especially in small spaces.

3. Slightly change your daily habits

A useful hint to keep moisture under control is to slightly change your daily habits. For example, putting the lids on the pots while cooking and the usage of a ventilation hood can be useful against excess moisture in your kitchen. Taking shorter and less hot showers will help against the accumulation of excess moisture in your bathroom. Last but not least, try not to put the steam on full power while ironing and avoid drying fresh laundry in your rooms, as these household activities tend to produce a lot of moisture which, without proper ventilation, will be trapped in your rooms.

Drying wet laundry in your rooms increases moisture and can create an unpleasant, indoor smell.

4. Place a moisture absorber

In order to help keep moisture under control during wintertime, consider placing a moisture absorber. This item will help reduce excess indoor moisture and will help you achieve the right moisture level in damp rooms like your bathroom or basement.

Basements are more difficult to ventilate and often suffer from excess moisture. A moisture absorber can be of help to keep it under control.

When winter starts, remember these helpful tips for the control of excess moisture at home.

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