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4 ways to prevent ugly effects from excess moisture

Here are a few ways you can prevent the effects of excess moisture.

Mould is one of the possible effects of high moisture and can grow anywhere; also on places you cannot see. The best approach is to prevent your air from being too humid before it brings actual problems.

1. Promote air circulation

Ventilate your house on a regular basis by opening doors and windows, especially in small rooms. As condensation at windowsills is an ongoing problem, any objects should be removed from the windowsill as they prevent air from circulating. The furniture should not be placed too close to outside walls. Moving it a bit further away from the outside walls will improve air circulation.

2. Ensure good ventilation in your bathroom and kitchen

Proper ventilation while cooking and showering should not be forgotten. A fan in the bathroom helps fight excess moisture and prevent the walls from creating black mould. Shortening your showers helps as well. The usage of a ventilation hood in the kitchen can help to protect the home from both unwanted smells and moisture.

The usage of a ventilation hood in the kitchen can help to prevent excess moisture effects.

3. Check rain gutters and downspout runoffs

Make sure that your downspouts and gutters are clear of debris that may block the flow of water from your roof and have them regularly inspected for damage. This will prevent them from leaking and therefore the moisture from soaking through into your home.

4. Place a moisture absorber

Another way to help against condensation and other effects of excess moisture is to place a moisture absorber. You can place it in any vulnerable room such as your living room or your kitchen. This device effectively absorbs excess moisture and creates a comfortable enviroment at home.

Placing a moisture absorber is a good way to prevent moisture effects.

Try to keep in mind these tips at any time and help prevent your house from any unpleasant effects of excess indoor moisture!

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