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Winter is coming: 4 ways to fight the excess moisture at home

moisture in winter can be a problem.

Wintertime comes with rain and cold. In an attempt to stop the cold from getting in, today’s houses are built to be energy-efficient and insulated. Having no natural ventilation, as outdoor air is not able to get in, excess moisture can easily be trapped at home. What should you do in order to control the moisture at home in winter?

1. Control the sources of moisture

Vent all gas burners and clothes dryers to the outdoors. This will make sure the warm and very humid air that leaves the machines does not add to the already warm air with a high moisture level inside the house. Make use of kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to help prevent condensation. 

2. Winter ventilation

The cold winter air contains less water and is therefore less humid. When this air is able to get inside the house, it will dilute the moisture. This already takes places in older houses, but in new or renovated houses, ventilation holes should be created or windows and doors should be opened up on a regular basis in order to keep the air circulating and to create the right level of indoor moisture.

Ventilating on a regular basis will help achieve the right level of indoor moisture.

3. Warm it up

A third way to control moisture is to turn up the indoor temperature. Heating your home by using your central heating system or chimney will reduce the relative moisture as higher temperatures can hold more water. This will keep the moisture under control as it will counterbalance the excess moisture in the air that is mainly produced by modern living.

4. Place a moisture absorber

Consider placing a moisture absorber inside your house to help fight excess moisture and create a comfortable climate in any room.

You can achieve the right moisture level in your bedroom if you place a moisture absorber.

Keep in mind these tips when you live in a new and fully insulated house and moisture problems will no longer occur.

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