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Did you know the weather can cause moisture problems at home?

The weather is a major contributing factor to excess moisture at home.

Did you know that moisture is a measure of the amount of water the air can hold? The result is called relative moisture. Usually the air is able to hold more water at higher temperatures so, for instance, when relative moisture is at 100% it means that the air is holding as much water as it can at that given temperature. This means that relative moisture is susceptible to changes in the weather. Rain, snow (especially melted snow inside your home from clothes, shoes etc.) or muggy weather can increase the amount of moisture in your home and cause excess indoor moisture. Cold weather can lead to condensation on the windows.

In colder climates the ideal indoor moisture level will need to balance itself between the risk of condensation and human comfort. When it is cold and wet, the moisture is high and moisture can condense on cold surfaces.  When high levels of home moisture are trapped and not filtered, they might develop mould and that can damage your home and cause you discomfort.

Sometimes high moisture at home can be even observed during the warm season. When it rains and the temperature feels warm outside, the rain from the ground will usually evaporate, creating a moist layer of humidity. This moisture will remain at ground level until the wind blows it away. It can also make its way inside your home giving you a muggy and sticky feeling.

A moisture absorber can help against excess moisture in your basement.

Now that you know how the weather affects the excess moisture inside your home, we recommend to reduce it using a moisture absorber. In colder climates, especially if it is snowing or raining, the moisture absorber will help you lower moist and condensation in your home. But even in warmer, muggy climates, a moisture absorber will support your air conditioner and help provide a more cool and refreshing environment.

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