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5 causes why your home suffers from excess moisture

What causes moisture?

You may ask yourself why your home suffers from excess moisture. There’s not only one explanation for this issue; there are multiple factors which can lead to a high level of moisture at home. But why does this occur? What causes moisture?

1. Infiltration through pores in the wall

Tiny cracks inside the walls of our homes make it easy for water to filter through and results in indoor moisture. This happens especially in damp weather conditions as water normally migrates from warm moist areas into colder and drier spaces.

2. Capillarity due to badly constructed foundations

In very common drywall constructions, 28% of the air in a pressurised room leaks through the walls. When the foundation walls are constantly in contact with water, moisture could filter through the walls up to 1.5 meters in height.

3. Leakage of water mains

The presence of excess water can result in high moisture. For instance, a dripping tap may influence the moisture level inside the house. A leaking dishwasher or washing machine has the similar negative effects and is also one of the reasons that causes mould.

4. Water vapor condensation

The rate of moisture depends on the difference in temperature inside the rooms. In combination with poor air circulation, moisture is negatively affected by this and can lead to condensation in the form of tiny droplets of water on walls or windows.

5. Daily household activities

A normal family of 3 members produces twelve liters of water vapour a day on average. Bathing, showering, cooking and drying clothes are examples of activities that can cause moisture.

Showering is one of the human activities that increases moisture at home.

Now that you know what causes moisture, you can help prevent excess moisture in your home. Some of these issues require home repairs, but others can be easily and effectively improved with a moisture absorber, which can remove the excess home moisture.

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