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Clear epoxy glue:
A multipurpose powerhouse

Whether it’s bonding or a tough repair job you need to tackle, clear epoxy glue is one of the strongest and most versatile tools at a DIY enthusiast’s disposal.


Clear epoxy glue can be used in a variety of projects to form an extremely strong bond, from repairing broken household items to furniture items to filling smaller unwanted gaps. It usually comes in the form of a 2-part clear epoxy adhesive and is formed by mixing two separate components: an epoxy resin and a hardener.

These substances are stored separately and only mixed when you need to begin gluing, either by the product’s instant mix syringe or by manually stirring them together on a separate tray. Despite its strength, clear epoxy glue still allows time to move parts during the repair process, taking a few hours to fully cure.


How to use clear epoxy adhesives exactly? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sand. Roughen the surfaces of the pieces you are going to bond with sandpaper to guarantee the strongest bond possible. Brush or wipe away any dust and debris and then dry, before continuing.
  2. Prepare. After removing the plug from the ends of the product’s cylinders, attach the end syringes and cut off the tips. Turn the syringe end up and depress the plunger, then wait around 30 seconds for any air bubbles to rise.
  3. Dispense. Press down on the plunger and dispense an equal ratio of resin and hardener onto a clean, disposable surface (such as a spare tile or a piece of glossy cardboard or plastic). Retract the plunger, wipe the syringe tips clean and put the plug back in place.
  4. Mix. Use something that functions as a small disposable spatula (such as the handle of a plastic spoon) to mix the resin and hardener together. They should be sufficiently mixed within two minutes.
  5. Apply. Use the disposable spatula to apply a small amount of the now fully primed clear epoxy glue to the surfaces you are bonding and press them together. Check the product’s instructions for the precise cure time required, as it can vary.
  6. Remove. If any excess epoxy has seeped out, use a cloth moistened with methylated spirit to wipe it way immediately.


Given the variety of different materials items that may need fixing are made of, a versatile clear epoxy glue is an essential thing to have in your toolbox. As well as drying translucent, both UniBond All Purpose 1 Minute Epoxy and All Purpose 5 Minute Epoxy can be used to repair most materials around the home. They set solid in either one or five minutes.

If you are working with specific materials, then either UniBond Epoxy Repair PlasticEpoxy Repair Wood or Epoxy Repair Metal may be the better epoxy adhesive for the job. All set solid in just five minutes, and UniBond Epoxy Repair Metal even dries in a metallic grey colour to blend in perfectly.

All UniBond clear epoxy glues come in an easy to use dispenser, can be drilled, sanded and painted once set and are resistant to both water and extreme temperatures, making them ideal for use outdoors as well as in the home.

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