UniBond UltraForce Floor Adhesive & Grouting Bucket

Features and Benefits

UniBond UltraForce Floor Adhesive & Grouting Bucket is a ready mixed, mould resistant and thin-bed tile floor adhesive. It is suitable for the interior fixing of porcelain and glazed ceramic floor tiles.


Porcelain: up to 300 x 300mm.

Ceramic: up to 600 x 300mm


It can also be used for grouting the tile joints after fixing, up to 12mm joint width.


  • Combined floor tile adhesive and grout
  • Ready mixed
  • Ultra Force - Fibre tecnology for ultimate durability
  • Waterproof
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Triple Protection Mould Protect System - Repels, Kills, Lasts



Suitable for: Porcelain and glazed ceramic floor tiles

Joints up to 12mm

Colours available: Grey

Coverage: 7.3Kg/Approx.1.6m², 14.3Kg/Approx. 3.2m²

Sizes available: 7.3kg and 14.3kg

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How to Use


Concrete floors must be absorbent dry and have an effective damp-proof membrane at least 10mm below the floor surface. If necessary, level uneven floors using a suitable floor levelling compound.

Wooden floors must be absorbent (i.e. not coated) and constructed of at least 15mm plywood, which has been screwed securely through the joists at 300mm centres. Floor boards and other types of wooden floor must be over laid with 15mm plywood and firmly fixed as described above before tiling. Ensure that the floor surface is flat, rigid, dry and free from grease, old adhesive, paint, varnish, polish and dust. Old, dusty concrete floors should be primed with a PVA primer. Mark the floor with two lines at right angles to each other, crossing the centre of the room. Measure dry tile widths across the room allowing 3-6mm grout widths. Adjust the lines as necessary to avoid awkward cuts. Begin tiling at the intersection of the two lines.


Important: Stir the adhesive before use. This is a thin bed tile adhesive, do not use in excess of 3mm bed depth.If the floor must remain in use, only tile part of the floor and allow to dry before tiling the remainder.

  1. Spread the adhesive as a continuous bed over approximately 1m2 of the floor using a floor tiling trowel. 
  2. Lightly rib the surface using a notched spreader.
  3. Immediately press the tiles into the adhesive using a firm twisting action. 
  4. Fix tiles within 30 minutes of applying the adhesive. Do not fix tiles if a skin has formed on the adhesive.
  5. Tile spacers should be used to ensure regular spacing.
  6. Remove any surplus adhesive immediately using a damp cloth.
  7. Continue tiling in small areas at a time. 
  8. Ensure the adhesive is fully dry walking on the tiles. 
  9. Drying time will be at least 72 hours, which will be extended in cold or damp conditions.



  1. Working in small areas at a time press the grout into the joints.
  2. Smooth off with a grouting tool along the joint lines. 
  3. Immediately remove excess grout with a damp cloth.
  4. Avoid walking on the floor for 24 hours after grouting. 
  5. After this period light foot traffic can be applied.
  6. Polish the tiles with a clean, dry cloth.

Full adhesive strength and water resistance will develop over a period of 7 days.To maintain a mould free grout, wash regularly with a fungicidal cleaner.