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4 typical signs of moisture problems black mould is only one of them

Black mould, mildew and other fungus are some of the consequences of high moisture.

People are not always aware of the fact that they have moisture problems inside their homes. Below you can find the 4 typical signs of these problems that might help you detect them in your own home. 

1. Mould and mildew on the wall

Bathrooms without sufficient ventilation to divert the steam that is coming upwards, often have problems with black mould on the ceilings or corners of the walls. These consequences are related to too much moisture present in a small space. Setting a moisture absorber in these areas can help as it will lessen the amount of moisture, thus the damage it can cause. 

Black mould can appear in damp spaces where there is high moisture.

2. Musty smells and personal discomfort

Mould in your house does not only leave ugly marks on your walls, ceilings and furniture; it could also have a negative influence on your personal comfort. Mould can cause unpleasant musty smells in your rooms. If you experience one or more of those problems, this might be one of the symptoms of mould presence in your home, as a consequence of too much indoor moisture.

3. Condensation on or around windows and walls

When there is intense moisture meeting a cold surface, such as a window in winter, the cooler air causes the moisture to liquefy. Condensation, which looks similar to fog, will be created on the interior side of windows.

4. Peeling paint and wallpaper

If you have the feeling that you are refurbishing your walls more often than you should, you probably have a moisture problem. The excess moisture is preventing the wallpaper from properly sticking to your walls. It can also make the wall paint chip or swell.

If you recognise one or more of these symptoms, your home probably suffers from high moisture. But do not panic, the excess of moisture can be reduced with a moisture absorber. Place it in the rooms that are more vulnerable to high moisture effects.

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