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About moisture

What is moisture?

Moisture is the amount of humidity present in the air and is measured as relative moisture. Relative moisture varies between 0 and 100, 0 being no presence of moisture at all and 100 being all the moisture that air can hold at a certain temperature. Warm air can hold much more water than cold air. Some of the consequences of a high indoor moisture level are condensation, peeling wallpaper or mould. Find out everything you need to know about moisture and how it can have an impact on your home and well-being.

Moisture at home: vulnerable rooms


Excess moisture in this room can have unpleasant effect on our rest!


  • Cold season: high temperature difference and poor air ventilation
  • Moisture trapped behind furniture


Effects: condensation, peeling wallpapers, mould behind furniture, trigger of health problems

Tip: Warm up your room.

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The most humid room in the house!


A lot of moisture is produced from showering. When the room is not regularly ventilated the humidity stays trapped in this room.


Effects: mould and musty smell, moist and smelling towels.

Tip: Lower the shower temperature and take shorter showers.

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It can accommodate excess moisture too, especially during cold season!


  • Cold season: high temperature difference and poor air ventilation
  • Moisture trapped behind furniture


Effects: condensation, peeling wallpapers, mould behind furniture.

Tip: Increase ventilation and avoid drying your wet laundry inside the room.

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Moisture, trapped under the roof!


Cold and raining season: poor ceiling insulation, high temperature difference, or poor air ventilation.

Effects: peeling paint, attic mould, musty smell.

Tip: Open a window regularly to bring natural air flow.

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Cooking can also contribute to excess moisture!


A lot of moisture can be produced from cooking and other household activities. During the cold season it often stays trapped inside the room.

Effects: condensation, mould, chipped wall paint

Tip: Use a kitchen ventilation hood while cooking. Find out more tips here.

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