Aero 360 Minifresh Sachet Lavender

Features and Benefits

Minifresh Sachet Lavender is a moisture absorbing sachet that ensures your clothes and personal belongings remain clean and dry. Enjoy breathing in the delicate and natural calming scent as the hygroscopic scented pearls absorb moisture while releasing a long-lasting precious aromatic aroma of lavender and French essential oils. These scented sachets are ideal for confined spaces and are designed to repel moisture, bad smells, mould and mildew, keeping them fresh and dry. 


  • Moisture absorber - ideal for confined spaces
  • Easy to hang and lasts for six weeks
  • Each sachet has a lavender scent to help get rid of any bad smells
  • Helps to prevent mould and mildew
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How to Use

  1. Take the sachet out of the plastic bag(note the sachet starts absorbing moisture as soon as it is removed from the plastic bag).
  2. Place the sachet in the required place, with the white side facing up. Do not cover the sachet
  3. When the content of the sachet is entirely turned into gel, replaceit and throw the old sachet away.