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UniBond TRADE WHITETEQ Thermal & Sound Insulation Winter is a new generation White Polymer Foam that is based on purified & concentrated ingredients. The Polymer purification allows WHITETEQ Foams to excel with their characteristic QUATTRO structure with 4x* more cells/ cm3, it’s characteristic Ice - white color & up to 10x higher UV resistance – for best long term insulation results.

*vs. standard conventional PU foams

UniBond TRADE WHITETEQ Thermal & Sound Winter:

  • Can be used in temperatures as low as -10°C
  • Excels with the highest thermal efficiency (down to 0,032 W/mK) & sound insulation properties (63dB)
  • Low curing pressure for maximum deformation protection
  • Imminent flexibility ensures a long term insulation efficiency – even when exposed to stress from movements (i.e. temperature contraction/expansion)


UniBond TRADE WHITETEQ Thermal & Sound is a White Polymer Foam primarily developed for

  • Insulation of window frames  
  • Insulation of doorframes
  • Sealing of openings in roof constructions and insulation materials
  • Insulating of wall panels & roof tiles  
  • Filling of cavities around pipes and many more



  • Foam density: 17 - 21 kg/m³
  • Tack free time: 6 - 7 min
  • Cutting time: 35 - 40 min
  • Post expansion: 40 - 90 %
  • Dimensional stability: max +/- 5 %
  • Max joint width: 5 cm
  • Temperature resistance: -40°C to +80°C







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