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Problem Areas

Kitchen & Bathroom

Mould is an unwelcome guest in your home. Show it the door with this easy-to-apply, waterproof sealant!


Why let ugly gaps and cracks ruin the look of your home? Seal and paint to match, for the perfect finish.


If you wanted rain and wind inside, you'd open a window. Seal, smooth and keep the weather where it belongs.

Easy Solution

Kitchen & Bathroom

This multi-purpose sealant loves wet and humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens - it's immediately ready to form an impenetrable mould resistant barrier. With a unique formula specially designed to make sealing easy. UniBond Bath&Kitchen Sealant sticks where you want it, smoothes easily, cures fast, and has virtually no odour. A great result is so easy, you'll feel like a professional!

Indoor Fill&Repair

Make ugly cracks and gaps disappear, for a home you can feel proud of. With a formula that makes sealing easy. UniBond Indoor Fill&Repair Sealant smoothes easily and is ready to paint in 1 hour. The perfect finish is so easy to achieve, you'll be looking for gaps to fill and paint.

Outdoor Fill&Repair

Seal the weather outside the easy way, so you can comfortably relax inside. This all weather, all conditions sealants gets going when the going gets tough. With a unique technology that makes sealing easy, UniBond Outdoor Fill&Repair Sealant sticks to a variety of surfaces, even when it's wet or cold. It can even be painted for an impressive, tidy finish.

An easy choice for every need


Our best seller. The traditional solution for larger jobs.

Cartridge gun required.

Pressure Pack

All the power at your fingertips. This option comes with its inbuilt 'tool' , powered by compressed air, that easily dispenses the sealant. Easily done, perfect results.

No cartridge gun required.

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