Big strength for big jobs

Industrial epoxy adhesive: When the going gets tough

Got a repair job where only the highest bond strength will do? The UniBond Epoxy Repair Range offers exactly the kind of outstanding industrial epoxy adhesive you need – here’s how to use it.

Industrial strength epoxy: Why you need it

There are plenty of small and medium-sized repair jobs where a power adhesive, such as UniBond 100% Power Glue from the UniBond Multi Purpose Repair Glue range, offers the perfect solution. However, when it comes to repairing heavier duty items, whether it’s pieces of furniture, masonry or metal machinery, only an industrial strength epoxy adhesive will do.

Industrial strength epoxy glue is able to provide an incredibly strong and super durable bond thanks to the combination of its two components: a resin and a hardener. When these are mixed together, an industrial 2-part epoxy forms a supremely tough bond that is resistant to extreme temperatures, water and common solvents.

The right industrial epoxy glue for the job

Also, you want an industrial epoxy adhesive that offers long-lasting durability and versatility. All products in the UniBond Epoxy Repair Range can be sanded, drilled and painted, so that once the job’s complete, the item you’re fixing will look as good as new. Unibond epoxies are also resistant to extreme cold and heat (-30° C and 150° C), water oil and solvents, meaning they can be used for interior and exterior repairs and in places under high duress.

Both UniBond All Purpose 1 Minute Epoxy and All Purpose 5 Minute Epoxy dry translucent, set in either one or five minutes respectively and can be used to repair materials including wood, glass, metal, china, ceramic and most plastics. When fixing specific materials, UniBond Epoxy Repair: Plastic, Epoxy Repair: Wood or Epoxy Repair: Metal are the best industrial strength epoxies for the job. All set in five minutes, and UniBond Epoxy Repair Metal even cures metallic grey to blend in perfectly.

While all products in the UniBond Epoxy Repair Range offer industrial strength, this doesn’t mean you have to worry about not being able to reposition while working. All are workable for three minutes, allowing you enough time to reset if you don’t get it exactly right the first time.

How to apply industrial strength epoxy adhesive

  1. Prepare. To ensure the best bond possible, use sandpaper to roughen the surfaces of the pieces you are going to glue. Clean away any dust and debris that this creates and make certain the surfaces as dry before proceeding.
  2. Prime. Remove the plug from the end of the product’s cylinders, attach both syringes and cut off the tips if required. Hold the dispenser syringe end up and depress the plunger, then wait approximately 30 seconds to see if any air bubbles rise.
  3. Dispense. Pressing down on the plunger, dispense an equal amount of the resin and the hardener onto a clean, disposable surface. When you’ve dispensed enough for the repair job, wipe the syringe tips clean, remove them and reinsert the plug.
  4. Mix. Use a small disposable spatula or equivalent (such as a folded piece of cardboard) to mix the resin and hardener together.
  5. Apply. With your industrial strength epoxy now fully primed, use the spatula to apply it to the surfaces you are bonding and press them together. Check the product’s instructions for the exact cure time required.
  6. Clean. Use a cloth moistened with methylated spirit to immediately wipe any excess industrial epoxy glue that may have seeped out while pressing the pieces together.