No skin off my nose

How to get epoxy off skin quickly and easily

Knowing how to get epoxy off skin before you start working on a DIY project will save you stress further down the line. Our guide shows you how to remove epoxy from skin easily and without causing further irritation.

Epoxy on skin: What should you do?

Try to prevent getting epoxy on your skin in the first place by wearing gloves and utilizing an easy-to-use epoxy adhesive like UniBond All Purpose 5 Minute Epoxy.
However, all it takes is a slip of the hand or a little distraction for an accident to happen. If you’ve spilled some epoxy and are wondering how to get epoxy off skin, don’t panic! Removing epoxy resin or adhesive is relatively simple as long as you act quickly and get rid of the epoxy before it’s cured.

How to get epoxy off skin

To remove epoxy from skin, try one of the following techniques.

How to remove epoxy resin from skin

You should remove epoxy resin or adhesive as soon as possible, before it cures. We recommend trying one of these methods to remove epoxy from skin.

Water and soap. Most of the time, simply washing your hands in warm soapy water is enough to remove epoxy. Rub with a cloth if necessary.
Vinegar. If soapy water didn’t do the trick, try soaking a cloth or cotton ball in vinegar and gently rub it on the affected area. The epoxy should soften, so you can simply peel it off. This technique should also work on cured epoxy adhesive.
Citrus-based waterless hand cleaner. Pour some citrus-based hand cleaner to remove epoxy from skin and rub with a cloth, before rinsing the skin in warm water.

Whichever method you use, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. If you have particularly sensitive skin, you may also want to apply some soothing hand cream or lotion afterwards.

How to remove epoxy paint from skin

As much as possible, avoid getting epoxy paint on your skin in the first place. Products that remove epoxy paint, such as methylene chloride stripper (also known as dichloromethane), are harsh on your skin and have other health risks.
If you accidentally spill epoxy paint on your skin, wash your hands with soap and water immediately.