Key Facts

Product Introduction:

For guaranteed performance and a perfect finish use Triple Protection fast setting powder grout.

Product Features:

Application :

  • The adhesive must be fully dry before grouting
  • If grouting existing tiles, remove old grout from joints and then clean tiles
  • For natural stone, glazed ceramic, porcelain and mosaic wall tiles in interior  and exterior locations
  • Grout joints up to 6mm

Tips and tricks:

When grouting wipe diagonally across the tiles to avoid dragging the new grout lines.

To maintain a mould-free grout, clean regularly with an anti-bacterial cleaner.

Make sure you fully fill the grout joint to avoid shrinkage or cracking.


  • 500kg (Ice White)
  • 3kg (Ice White, Cream, Black, Beige)


Store unopened bags clear of the ground, in cool dry conditions and protected from excessive draft and frost.

Project check list

  • Empty Bucket – To mix the grout
  • Grout Float – For applying the grout to the grout lines
  • Grout Finishing tool
  • Gauging trowel
  • Bucket of clean water and cloth

Step by Step


1. Add about 2.5 parts powder to one part water. Mix to produce a smooth, stiff paste.

2. Only mix enough paste for 30 minutes' application and discard any grout not used within this period.


1. Do not start grouting until the adhesive is fully dry.

2. Press the grout into the joints with a grout float.

3. Ensure that the joints are completely filled.

4. Smooth off the grout lines with a grouting tool.

5. Immediately remove the excess grout with a damp cloth.

6. Allow to dry for 24 hours then polish the tiles with a clean cloth – ensure that the grout is fully dry before allowing water contact.

External Application:

1. Protect tiled area from the weather until fully dry.

*For guidance only, please refer to pack for more concise instructions.