Key Facts

Product Introduction:

A tough 2-in-1 plastic tool, UniBond Smoother & Remover quickly and easily removes all types of sealant without damage and includes two smoothing profiles to achieve the desired finish.

Product Features:

Tips and Tricks:


To ensure all traces of residual sealant are removed prior to sealing use UniBond Sealant Remover Gel.

Sensible Working Practises

Sharp points and edges.

Take care when using this tool.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Step by Step

1. Removing Old Sealant Beads

Press the pointed end of the tool into the sealant and push forward.
Alternatively use the point to dig into the sealant and pull towards yourself.

2. Sealant Smoothing

For neat, clean lines, apply UniBond masking tape to both sides of the joint.
Apply the sealant to the joint.
Select the desired smoothing profile and place the tool at the end of the sealant bead.
Pressing down firmly, move the finishing tool at a uniform rate to achieve the perfect finish.

3. Cleaning

Remove excess wet sealant from the Sealant Smoother immediately after use with a dry cloth.