Key Facts

Product Introduction:

UniBond RE-NEW silicone sealant is the easiest way to keep your sealants in perfect condition! Easy to apply in just 5 minutes. No need to remove the old sealant, just apply on top and you are done!

Product Features:

- Easy to apply, clean and correct.
- Triple Protect mould resistance: Repels, kills & prevents mould.
- Good adhesion to existing sealant incl. silicone.
- Integrated smoothing tool for a perfect finish


1 x 100ml special silicone
Enough for standard bathroom suite: (approximately 5-7 metres)

  • Bath
  • Shower
  • Sink


Avoid direrct contact with water or cleaning products for 6 hours.
Do not use in permanently damp or wet areas.
For indoor use only.


Replace cap immediately after use
Protect from frost.
Remaining Sealant should be usedwithin 1 month.

Step by Step

1. Thorougly clean the sealant with household cleaner. If the sealant is too mouldy, use a mould remover. RE-NEW contains a fungicide to protect the product only. IMPORTANT: Ensure the selant is dry before applying RE-NEW.

2. Apply RE-NEW on top of the existing sealant. IMPORTANT: hold the tube with the UniBond logo facing towards you. Gently squeeze to apply RE-NEW. The integrated smoothing tool ensures a perfect finish if the bottle is held at the same angle during application. If the finish is unsatisfactory, go over the sealant again without squeezing the tube or immediately remove and start over.

3. Easy to clean with water. Remove excess sealant immediately with a damp cloth. Clean the smoothing tool with water and replace the cap.