Key Facts

Product Introduction:

AERO 360° PURE Tab is effective in combating bad smells and the development of dust mites and mould by absorbing excess moisture from the air.

Product Features:

Ultra-absorbent refill Tab

New design: wave shaped with a hollowed out centre.
3in1 technology: anti-moisture, anti-odour and fresh fragrance.

Long life

Effective for up to 3 months in a 20m² room*

Optimised Crystal Formulation

The Unibond Aero 360˚ Tab is composed of ultra active crystals for superior moisture absorption.
Patented anti-odour technology scientifically proven neutralisation of bad smells**

Energizing Fruit Sensation Scent

A refreshing fruity fragrance with essential oils


*depending on moisture level and room temperature
** tested by an external specialist lab in 2009 

Where to use it?

Ideal for large rooms that are up to 20m²


  • 2x 450g Tab

Step by Step


1. Press the open button on the top of the device.

2. Open the refill pack avoiding any skin contact.

3. Place the tab on the axle of the device with the blue side facing downwards, then close the device.

4. To empty, pull open the spout and pour the salty solution into the toilet/sink.