Key Facts

Product Introduction:

An optimal system based on 360˚ air circulation. Based on the physical principle that the greater the surface area between the refill Tab and the air, the higher the absorbtion capacity of the Tab. The new system, AERO 360˚ PURE provides improved moisture absorbtion and up to 70% neutralisation of bad odours. It works to improve air quality more rapidly.

Product Features:

Improved efficiency up to 40%*

*Compared to Henkel previous large humidity absorber.

Ultra-absorbant refill Tab

New design: wave shaped with hollowed out centre.
2in 1 technology: anti-moisture and anti-odour.

Aerodynamic device

Air circulates around and through the suspended tab.

Easy handling

One touch loading tray.

Draining spout

Easily empty the solution from inside the tank.

Anti-spill protection mechanism

For maximum safety.

Where to use it?

Ideal for large rooms that are up to 20m².
Designed for every room inside your home, including the living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and basement. Also ideal for caravans and boats.


  • 1x Aero 360˚ Pure Device
  • 1x 450g Tab

Step by Step

1. Press the open button on the top of the device.

2. Open the refill pack avoiding any skin contact.

3. Place the tab on the axle of the device with the blue side facing downwards, then close the device.

4. To empty, pull open the spout and pour the salty solution into the toilet/sink.