Key Facts

Product Introduction:

No More Nails On A Roll offers strong and reliable instant bonding on flat surfaces. Durable for interior and exterior use.

Product Features:

No More Nails On A Roll Interior:

No More Nails On A Roll Interior and Exterior:

Application areas:

  • Wood
  • Ceramic
  • Tiles
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Plaster
  • Plastics

Tips and tricks:

How do I prepare my surfaces?

Apply to clean, dry surfaces that are free from moisture, dust, oil, grease and polish. For best results clean surfaces with methylated spirit.

Take care to ensure the correct positioning

As No More Nails On A Roll provides an instant bond it is essential to ensure correct positioning before item is stuck into place.

Product selection

No More Nails on A Roll comes in 2 versions. If you are looking to bond heavier items then use No More Nails Interior and Exterior as it can hold up to 120kg per roll.

A Handy tip: No More Nails Interior and Exterior is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the effects of the rain if you have bonded something outside.

Suggested Uses

No More Nails On a Roll can be used for a variety of jobs such as sticking hooks, signs, house numbers, pictures, letterboxes, bathroom mirrors or car number plates.

Try not to touch the adhesive during application as this may affect the bond.


  • No More Nails On a Roll Interior 19mm x 1.5m
  • No More Nails On a Roll Interior and Exterior 19mm x 1.5m


Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from direct sunlight and frost.

Step by Step

1. Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry.

2. Cut tape to desired length.

3. Remove the liner carefully and apply to surface by pressing down firmly.

4. Apply strips of tape at regular intervals as indicated in the picture.

5. Firmly press item to be bonded onto taped area.

6. Maximum adhesion is reached after 24 hours. Support heavier items until maximum adhesion is achieved.